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Rehabilitation for Burn Injuries

After sustaining severe burn injuries, a patient usually needs skin grafts. However, grafted tissue can become very tight, severely restricting range of motion. During recovery, a rehabilitation program can help the patient to regain the endurance, strength and balance needed to perform everyday activities.

Benefits of Rehabilitation for Burn Injuries

With the help of a physical therapist, range-of-motion and stretching exercises may be performed to help the patient avoid skin tightness and joint contractures. The physical therapist may also perform scar and soft-tissue massage, and guide the patient in strength-training activities. Scar massage and range-of-motion exercises may continue for up to 1 year after a burn is sustained. In addition to the medical care and physical therapy that are received after serious burns, patients can take part in their own rehabilitative care by remaining active and exercising the affected areas.

An occupational therapist may also work with the patient on strength and flexibility, helping him or her to regain regular movement and function so that regular daily activities can be resumed.

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